Your health does not follow a single-dimension and to find the perfect balance and wellness we must nurture both the parts that constitute our complete being: body and soul. Aligning your body and soul keeps you in robust health and perfect harmony. You make great endeavors to nourish the body with healthy food and regular exercise. You’re even nourishing your mind by educating yourself and advancing through learning. But have you ever thought about your soul and its nourishment?

A balanced and rational person discovers abundance and happiness in each moment. Mindful eating helps to nurture your body and mindful meditation cultivates your soul.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the mindful ways to nourish both your body and soul so as to make your life purposeful and well-coordinated with you taking responsibility for your actions.

Listen To Your Body And The Inner Voice

ways to nourish your body

Begin paying attention towards your body. By listening to your body and being attentive to its needs you will find that it is sending you signals with regard to the way it is feeling and the manner it wants to be cared and fulfilled its needs.

Likewise, when you listen to your inner voice you find the answers to your problems as it is the lone voice that is always steady and resolute and reminds you of your real self and your desires. Your inner voice offers you inner guidance and waits calmly for you to notice it and is like your personal compass that steers you through the turbulent times of your life.

Learn To Focus On What Is Possible To Control

Bear it in mind, that you cannot control people and their choices but can control only ourselves. As a result, focus on those aspects which you can monitor and handle – your decision, preferences, feelings, your time investment.

Focusing on something beyond your control makes you less effective and probably generates the outcome that you dread the most. The greater the time and effort spent on things beyond your control, the lesser time and effort you are spending on the manner in which you can make a difference. Moreover, it helps to create a healthy space for your soul and helps to build deeper self-trust.

Consume Food Only When Hungry

This may sound quite elementary, but at times people eat when they feel thirsty, sentimental and not really hungry. You can find it out yourself prior to eating by asking yourself about the level of your hunger on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 denotes not at all hungry and 10 representing extremely hungry and go ahead to make the choice of whether to have food or not.

Practice Mindfulness In Your Daily Life

ways to nourish your body,mindulness,meditation

Mindfulness is living in the present and not desiring it to be different. By practicing mindfulness, you become more conscious of your thoughts, and body perceptions in the present moment.

Such an observant and balanced perspective makes you respond consciously with precision and focus, instead of reacting in a habitual manner. It creates the possibility of tackling difficulties in life with greater wisdom and pick what is more refined and nourishing to yourself and others.
Such principles of mindfulness can also be extended into your eating habits. Becoming mindful of the food you are eating makes you more aware of the complete eating experience, and assists in appreciating the food and savor it.

Moreover, through mindful eating, you also discard negative habits like overeating, avoid the hazards of yo-yo dieting thereby enabling us to shed weight and maintain that for good. You can use mindfulness to help weight loss as you will be listening to your body. Such mindful eating will keep you on the track of a healthy way of eating which will nourish your body and also the soul.

Take A New Perspective

While your existence may seem to you boring and a run of the mill kind, think about how it appears to others. Although you can feel tired of slogging the same way daily in your household chores, the neighbor next door might be in awe of you and the way you manage the house. Your former college friend may be jealous of your slender, svelte body without having the realization that it could happen because of grueling sessions at the health club. Understand that your life may seem to you very ordinary, it may seem blissful to others around you.

Formulate Your Everyday Affirmation

At times we all need appreciation and encouragement, but present-day lives do not extend such reassuring pats. There can be a strong likelihood that your boss does not laud you and heap praise on you or perhaps your kids are too much involved in themselves to remind you that you are a wonderful parent.

Regardless of the indifference and apathy of the external world, you have to continue with the spiritual pat on your back. Formulating your personal daily affirmations makes you feel much better and confident about yourself and begin each day on a favorable note. Whether you devise a formal book embodying your admired affirmations or simply retain it in your mind, this easy exercise will offer intense nourishment for your soul.

Enjoy Whatever You Consume

ways to nourish your body

Begin with foods you cherish to eat and you will relish naturally what is being consumed by your body. Though it may sound generalized, once you begin to eat the foods that you cherish, you can really enjoy eating and experience the delight back into eating. The real essence behind consuming foods that are your favorites is to dump the food rules thereby choosing food values in its place.

Though it may entail some work, but prepare new recipes or try out innovative preparation techniques. Discover those veggies which fascinate you or particular grains that you admire and cook them. Do not bother if you do not like some food or think of ever eating. After all, something is better than nothing!

Adjust Your Morning Regimen

Your morning regiments set the momentum for the day ahead, so introduce something that relaxes and soothes you right away. Try meditating, stretching, drinking your flavored cup of tea or journaling. Small changes can aid in beginning the day with the right foot forward.

Practice Compassion

You can lit up thousands of candles out of a single candle as happiness multiplies by being shared. By bestowing happiness you receive happiness. In fact, no deed of compassion is small as by practicing compassion you not only uplift yourself but also nourish your own soul. You can practice compassion in simple ways like smiling at someone or sending flowers to a friend unexpectedly, offering your bus seat to an elderly person, giving genuine compliments or allowing someone to speak without intervening.

Meditation: The Perfect Tonic For Your Body And Soul

ways to nourish your body

Meditation incorporates techniques that bring relaxation, cultivates inner energy, builds compassion, and promotes forgiveness. It leads to mental clarity and heightened awareness. The physical benefits of meditation for the body are galore and includes:

Lowering of High blood pressure
Decreasing Blood lactate
Soothes tension-induced aches and pains
Bolsters Serotonin production
Boosts Immune system
Raises energy levels

The mental perks you receive on meditating are far fetched and nourishes your soul as it:

  • Relieves Anxiety and fosters emotional stability
  • Boosts creativity
  • Sharpens intuition
  • Induces well being and a sense of inner happiness
  • Furthers clarity and inner calmness
  • Spurs the ability to focus and be mindful

Nourish Your Body And Soul Naturally

Refresh your body and soul by practicing these techniques and explore greater balance and harmony of your physical and higher consciousness. These simple practices will lead to more peaceful, robust life patterns and thoughts, improve your creativity, fine-tune your health and tap into the limitless wisdom lying within. Step into the present moment and follow the above mentioned mindful ways to rejuvenate both mentally and physically.

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