Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already.


Today in this busy world mindfulness has become a quite a trend. Everyone knows it benefits but they don’t practice it because of a hectic and busy lifestyle. Nowadays people don’t have five minutes to sit down and relax and let go of all the unwanted thoughts. For having a healthy life it is important to give five minutes to cultivate mental spaciousness and body-balance. Today in this article you will read about some quick ways to practice mindfulness which you can use when you are busy.

Focus on your Breath

Focus on your BreathWhen you are working take a break for a five minute and just focus on your breathing. You will notice how your different body parts coordinate with your breathing. This is a very simple and mindfulness exercise which you can practice anywhere anytime. This will also help you to clear unwanted thoughts in your mind.

Eat Mindfully

Eat MindfullyWhen you are eating a meal in a hurry it’s not good for your health and state of mind. Even when you are busy get enough time to eat peacefully. When you are paying attention while eating you will see how your taste buds are reacting when you are taking every single bite. Eating with mindfulness will boost your digestion process.

Notice what you Listen

Ways To Practice MindfulnessSpare some time to listen to the sound you hear. If you are living in the countryside you will hear beautiful voices such as trees rustling, birds chirping and water flowing. When you pay attention to the sound you hear you will see how your body is reacting to those sounds. This will help you to calm your mind and recollect all your body energy.

Meditate as you walk

Ways To Practice Mindfulness

In today’s world, you just sleep, wake up and go to the office. You don’t have much time to meditate and exercise. The best thing is while walking notice the sensation of your feet while walking. Control your breath while walking and pay attention to how your body is reacting while walking. This will keep you full of energy and positivity when you reach your workplace.

Experience nature

Ways To Practice MindfulnessIf you are in a park or garden, focus on everything around you. Hear carefully to the tone of the birds chirping around, the color of the leaves, the impressions caused by the wind, etc. Just be conscious of your surroundings and see how this experience makes you feel.

Health benefits of mindfulness

  • If you are suffering from insomnia then mindfulness techniques can help you to improve your sleep. Many types of research have shown positive results in adults who are suffering from sleeping problems.
  • Mindfulness can help you to lose weight. A study has shown that overweight people tend to lose weight in less time when they practice mindfulness.
  • It also helps you to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the busy lifestyle.
  • Mindfulness reduces the negative feelings inside you and brings back positivity in your life.
  • It also increases your concentration and coordination.
  • Mindfulness also helps you to fight with anger issues.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.

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