In the pace of the modern world, we are having an unwanted number of calories in a day. For a healthy lifestyle and long-life exercise is must to cut down at least 500 calories a day. But if you are not able to exercise in a day what you should do? you should cut down the number of calories.  Always remember-

When your body is hungry it wants Nutrients, not Calories!

Today here you will read some simple and amazing tips which you can use to cut down 500 Calories a day without even doing physical exercise.

Limit your Coffee Intake

cut 500 calories a day

Everyone starts his/her day by a cup of Cappuccino or Latte which contains massive 60 to 100 Calories. If you switch to Piccolo you can reduce 50 calories per cup. You can also ditch the sugar by which you will reduce another 50 calories. It is better to avoid coffee before going to bed.

Tap your Feet

Burn extra calories

Just by taping your feet or fingers you can burn around 350 calories in a day. You should try this when you are talking or using a cell phone. You can walk around if you are using your cell phone for long. While working at the workplace just keep taping your fingers. It may sound crazy but believe me, there is a number of studies which have shown this positive result on this technique.

Stay away from nuts

Cut 500 calories a day

Nuts are the rich source of calories and protein. One Ounce of nuts have around 175 Calories and three handfuls have 525 Calories. So now you know why I’m saying to stay away from nuts. If you can’t resist yourself then you can have two handfuls of pistachios. Nuts are healthy for hearts but calories are not, so choose wisely.

Avoid watching TV while eating

Cut down calories

If you are eating while watching television you will add more 290 calories. This is stated by the study of the University of Massachusetts. Instead of eating in front of the TV eat at the dining table, switch off the TV while eating. After having food five minutes of the walk can burn around 527 calories. Make sure your children do not spend hours in front of the TV while having food.

Limit toppings on Salad

Lose weight naturally

Don’t fool yourself by adding different types of topping over your salad.  A big salad means a bowl of health but if you are adding different toppings such as cheese, chicken, olives, chocolate syrup, meat, and many more you are just increasing the number of calories in a salad. You can save around 500 calories just by avoiding toppings.

Skip the Whip

Cut down calories

If you are having whip over your ice-cream or coffee you are adding more than 670 calories. Can you imagine, how much-unwanted calories you are adding by having a whip. Cut down the whip from your coffee or dessert. The best thing is that if you cut down coffee and dessert you cut down around 670 calories. Instead of coffee you can try shot of espresso which has just 30 calories. Try Low Carb Ice creams instead.

Get enough sleep

Cut 500 Calories a day

If you are not sleeping properly you are not burning enough calories. just by getting enough sleep you can reduce around 1000 calories. Proper sleep is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are not able to sleep properly then go for a walk before going to bed, you can also listen to ambient music to improve your sleep.

Kick out Soda habit

Cut 500 calories a dayDrinking a glass of soda will add around 200 calories. If you limit the soda intake you will save around 400 calories in a day. Avoid soda and soft-drink at your workplace and before going to bed. Instead of drinking soda while working you should try having cold water. Water will not just limit your calories it will give you a number of health benefits.

Limit alcohol and wine

Cut 500 calories a dayAlcohol and wine is a rich source of calories. If you have regular drinker then its time to limit the intake of alcohol and beer. Drink once in a week for limited calories or switch to red wine. Red wine is considered healthy and they give the number of skin benefits.

Follow veganism

Lose Weight Naturally

When you turn into a vegetarian you are not just cutting calories you will get a number of health benefits. Having fruits in breakfast will provide you enough calories till afternoon. vegetables and fruits are the rich sources of vitamin and minerals which is very important for a strong immune system.

When you start eating food without labels, you no longer need to count the calories!

Limiting the calories intake for a day won’t show any positive result. Cut 500 Calories a day by following the above tips to gain health benefits. It will not just keep you healthy, it will keep you full of energy and positivity.

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