Allergies can be a serious pain for both physical and mental status. Allergies are the reaction of the immune system to a foreign substance such as pet dander, bee venom, and pollen. For better understanding let’s dive deep. Our immune system produces antibodies. When you suffer from allergies your immune system produces antibodies against allergen causing allergies. The reaction of the immune system leads to sinuses, inflamed skin or airways.

In the United State, around 30% of adults and 40% of children suffer from allergies. You will be shocked to know that 50 millions of Americans are diagnosed with allergies every year. In the United States, allergies are the most chronic form of the disease and the health care cost of allergies in the United States is estimated at around $18 billion dollars.
Allergies are of different types such as respiratory allergies, food allergies, skin allergies, pet allergies, drug allergies, environmental allergies and many more. Today in this article you will read about different signs and symptoms related to different types of allergies. I will also tell you the natural treatment option for allergies including CBD for allergies.

Possible Cause Of Allergies

CBD For Allergies

Allergies start with the reaction of foreign substance to your immune system. Below there is some common cause related to allergies.

Airborne allergies
Pollen, dust mites, animal dander, and mold.
Eggs, Milk, particular peanuts, wheat, shellfish, tree nuts, soy, fish, and many more. Remember any food can trigger allergies.
Insect Stings
Bee venom and wasp.
Use of antibiotics, penicillin-based antibiotics and particular penicillin.

Symptoms Related To Allergies

Symptoms of allergies depend on different types of allergies therefore below I have mentioned some common symptoms related to allergies.

Itching of the nose, eyes, and roof of the mouth
Running nose
Blood eyes
Swollen eyes
Swelling of the face including lips and eyes.
Red skin
Inflammation on the skin
Peel or flake

Role of CBD in fighting allergies

Using CBD For Allergies, CBG For Allergies

You must have heard about different substances found in the hemp plants. CBD is one of the natural substances which are found in the hemp plant. CBD is a non-psychoactive natural compound which helps to balance the homeostasis of your body by regulation Endocannabinoid System. In simple words, CBD suppresses the reaction of the immune system to allergies.

Use of CBD regulates the production of white blood cells when you are exposed to allergens. It also prevents your airways from closing. Always remember CBD does not treat allergies it just reduces the symptoms of allergies therefore below I have mentioned some symptoms in which CBD can help.

CBD is very effective against reducing the inflammation caused by allergies. When your immune system tries out to fight with allergens you may suffer from inflammation, CBD is rich in the anti-inflammation property which makes it beneficial against inflammation.
Some allergies can lead to chronic pain. CBD is rich in the antipain property which helps in reducing the intense pain caused by allergies.
Antibacterial and antiviral properties are also found in CBD which makes it useful against seasonal allergies.

Alternative ways to prevent yourself from Allergies

Apart from using CBD, there are some precautions which you can follow to prevent yourself from allergies.

Stay indoors during pollen season it will protect you from irritation in the eyes and lungs.
Reduce the humidity inside your home which will reduce the occurrence of mould and dust mites.
Avoid touching your eyes and mouth.
Keep washing your hands on a regular basis.

Final thoughts on CBD For Allergies

If you find yourself suffering from symptoms related to CBD then you must consult a doctor right away. If you are not satisfied by the result of medications then you can use CBD to fight with allergies. The incredible thing about CBD is that it is completely non-psychoactive in nature and it has no side-effects.

If you have any suggestions or questions related to this article then feel free to comment in the below section. If you are aware of any other natural treatment option for allergies then don’t forget to mention it. So by using CBD start living a life free of allergies.

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